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We recently discovered a restaurant and private dining venue that was so sensational to the palate, as well the artistic eye, we couldn’t help but imagine the creative possibilities for the big day. Zuma, a contemporary Japanese dining destination located on Madison Avenue in the high 30s, delivers more than what initially meets the eye. Upon arrival on a Wednesday evening for a 7 o’clock dinner reservation, the hotspot that occupies space along two spacious floors, immediately struck us as bold, interesting, and massive. The Asian fusion eatery with locations around the world boasts elevated views, imported handcrafted architecture, and several private and semi-private spaces that are easily customizable to one’s own purposes.

The menu is plentiful and not the least bit mysterious. The staff go above and beyond to extend their knowledge of the menu, to the point that we found their expertise so spot on, we wondered if we had encountered the chef firsthand. The quality of the ingredients used are so supreme to anything we’d ever tasted, it somehow made us eager to learn the story of the cuisine before us. It is readily apparent from the moment one is seated that service is of the utmost importance to the foundation of Zuma, and that hospitality is a major element of the experience as a whole.

On the second floor of this midtown hotspot that has hosted parties for the likes of Carmelo Anthony and other big names, handsome private dining spaces are available and customizable to parties of varying sizes and tastes. Although perfectly suitable for a wedding that stands apart from the rest, Zuma seems to best cater to functions surrounding engagement parties, bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, and other unique private events.

The rooms are equipped with projector screens for viewing (in case you wanted to pop in a slideshow of the ol’ college days!), as well state of the art stereo systems, but in such a way that it is not obstructive and barely noticeable until you want it to be. Fine handcrafted furniture made of wood and leather, chairs and couches, and an inviting dining scene that encourages sharing amidst a family style aesthetic, the ambiance is relaxed, yet masculine.

Perfectly suitable for a personal affair or a business board meeting, the space is as versatile as its menu, and offers privacy and exclusivity.

Whether a meal to remember or the occasion of a lifetime, Zuma is a dining destination in Manhattan that is not to be missed. For reservations, call 212.544.9862 or have a look at their website at

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