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Central Park is like a gift to New York. It is an 843 acre oasis of sprawling lawns, trees and ponds, in which to escape the cacophony and clamor of Manhattan’s thoroughfares. Within the oasis is Tavern On The Green, a restaurant nearly as storied and iconic as Central Park itself. It is a gift within the gift. Since its opening in 1934Tavern On The Green has been the site of countless weddings (and other important occasions). The landmark restaurant closed on January 1, 2010. As its highly anticipated 2014 re-opening approached, it became a verysought-after venue. People could not wait for the gift to re-open. It was a apt locale for one of Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition‘s 2015 covers (pictured, below).

One of the 2015 Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition covers, featuring the new Tavern On The Green. Photo by: Fred Marcus Studio

The new Tavern On The Green is an elegantly casual eatery. It is still the free-standing culinary icon that is unlike any other. The renovation included giving each room and area of the restaurant its own feel and personality. A recent wedding decided to transform the restaurant. It was still Tavern On The Green. But now it was the wedding of Jessica and Darren at Tavern On The Green.

Photo by: Eleven Weddings Photography

“Tavern On The Green was a magical venue for our special day and it was transformed to reflect our vision,” says Jessica, the ecstatic bride (pictured above). This vision was realized with the help of events design studio Stone Kelly Events, who were responsible for all the flowers and decor. For the outdoor ceremony was an explosion of fuchsia bursting out from the Central Park greenery.

Photo by: Eleven Weddings Photography

The interior of the restaurant had more pinks, with apricot and peach tones matched to the furniture. Planner Amy Katz- owner of Amy Katz Events– adds: “[the] wedding was truly incredible.“

Photo by: Eleven Weddings Photography

Photo by: Eleven Weddings Photography



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