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Wedding planning is an exciting venture that leads up to a most wonderful day, but nobody said it was an easy task. For every hour of the wedding reception, a bride can expect 50 hours of hard work and planning leading up to that point- sometimes even more. It can most certainly take the form of a full-time career, and the details and particulars have a way of manifesting into stress.

Every bride needs a gift for the mind, body, and soul, and so do her bridesmaids. At Haven Spa, you can unwind in a relaxing, soothing setting, and melt your stresses away. Offering massage, facial, hand & foot therapies, it is where one can go to feel rejuvenated, and come out feeling better than ever, and face the day head on.

Haven Spa is currently located at 150 Mercer Street in SoHo, but will be moving to a new location nearby in September, after having undergone a complete makeover. Some of the most popular treatments include Shiatsu Massage, the Island Rapture facial (the perfect way to get that island glow!), and the essential pedicure.

For more information about how you can unwind and get pampered by the best, visit Haven Spa.

For more ideas and resources about how to get yourself ready for the big day, be sure to check out Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition, available on newsstands everywhere and online.

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