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To us, there are so many ways to define sophisticated, and endless direction one can take when it comes to orchestrating a wedding. Perhaps this is why we choose to feature two covers in our magazine circulation- to exhibit a different look and feel with each cover shoot, yet achieving the same end goal that conveys a beautiful setting, a confident bride, and flawless execution with every detail. It also gives us the opportunity to creatively collaborate with talented individuals and vendors that make a New York City wedding iconic as it is.

When we shot the 2015 Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition cover at Tavern On The Green, it required a team of extraordinary talent from all arenas. The first order of business was to determine the location. Tavern On The Green came to mind immediately, as its iconic stature in Manhattan’s scenery was making a grand re-entrance, and resuming its sparkling place in the heart of Central Park. We know many of our readers seek something romantic, different, tasteful, perhaps even intimate, and we knew that Tavern On The Green had all of this and more to offer.

Typically the next big question that we ask ourselves is, “what about the dress?” That is rather several inquiries in one broad question. When selecting a dress, whether for a cover shoot or a wedding, it is important to consider the setting. How does the dress fit in the with background? What ambience are we trying to achieve? What kind of bride are we looking to be? Who can take all of our thoughts and organize them into one beautiful gown? It sounds like a complex question, and often it is when selecting the dress of your dreams, but for this particular shoot, one designer came to mind that fit the bill perfectly: Celestina Agostino. A luxurious gown designer hailing from Paris, France, Celestina Agostino creates dreamy, feminine, whimsical, and frankly magical wedding dresses that celebrate the beauty in the woman who wears it. Available at Kleinfeld, we featured a gown from Celestina’s collection that we felt encompassed all of the romance we wished to emanate in one photo.

Since no bride is complete without a little floral and frosting, we entrusted the vision of Rountree Flowers to create a beautiful, earthy bouquet with pops of color that tie together harmoniously, and A. Jaffe for diamond jewelry that is timeless, elegant, and exquisite.

Although we often find ourselves concentrating on the bride’s beauty, we don’t want to leave the groom out either, because men’s fashion is so important too. Alton Lane fitted our model in this handsome navy suit, achieving a crisp and debonaire appearance that is certain to make a bride swoon on her wedding day. Allen Edmonds shoes made for a perfect pairing on this expertly tailored look.

A beauty team that you can depend on is an absolute essential. Luckily, White Rose Collective is a team of hair and make-up experts that seamlessly achieve a vision that brings out natural beauty to the fullest. Most brides have reference photos or inspiration boards that they reserve for their wedding day look. Since White Rose Collective is made up of talented professionals that create the looks we see on the runways and red carpets, we know we’re getting the best of the best. Having Andrea Donoghue to expertly style our models’ hair, and Kavita Kaul for make-up, we not only captured the mood of the shoot, but as well had fun on set with some great people.

And like I always say, if there’s one thing you must do, it’s have an amazing photographer, because they’re your key to remembering the details. Having Felix Feygin of Fred Marcus Studio capture this cover for the 2015 Sophisticated Weddings, and the photographs you see from this shoot, was really just what tied it all together to make what is one of our best magazine covers yet. With a shutter click, Felix was able to capture every essence we were going for. The elements came together magnificently, and we couldn’t be more grateful to surround ourselves with some of the greatest talent you can find in New York weddings.

A special thanks goes out to Michelle C. and Austin Z. of Wilhelmina Models, who wore our vision, and made us fall in love with love all over again.

The 2015 Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition is available for purchase at retailers including Barnes & Noble, Duane Reade, Walgreens, and newsstands everywhere, as well online with free priority mail domestic shipping.

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