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To veil or not to veil. That is the question. It used to be at one time a bride wouldn’t think of walking down the aisle without a veil. Today there are so many styles of weddings from an informal destination wedding to a formal black-tie affair. Believe it or not a veil fits in any occasion. Don’t underestimate the power of the veil. A detailed veil can completely change the look of your wedding attire by turning up the amp of a simple dress. If your dress has no train a veil is a great way to add that train to your look. Veils are more complicated than they seem. There are so many lengths; elbow, fingertip, and cathedral, to the different cuts, like angel wing, butterfly, or straight. Then you have to decide do you want the bottom to be round, square, or pointed. Yes, you can do fresh flowers or have a beautiful comb but there is nothing like the romantic mystic of a veil, with your hair blowing in the breeze. Or when your new husband lifts the veil to give you your first kiss as man and wife. A bride can say she wasn’t thinking of doing a veil but as soon as she puts one on it brings tears to the eyes of everyone in attendance. What is it about this wisp of fabric that can create a swell of emotion even from the most cynical of people?

Since veils are sort of an afterthought to most brides these days they are not aware of or have calculated the cost of a veil into their budget. The material is not expensive but the labor to make a veil is what brings the price up. Veils are mostly made of nylon tulle.