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An essential component of the bride’s look on her wedding day are her shoes. Whether a blue pair of high-heeled Christian Louboutins, or Badgely Mischka flat sandals, footwear makes an important statement on the big day, and is often the subject of a great photo. The shoes practically define the style, completing the statement of the dress, with its form, luxury, and personality. It’s not always that the groom gets this concentrated attention, but they should, especially now that bespoke suits are hotter than ever.

Among the finest shoemakers in the last century is Allen Edmonds, inventing timeless style, precision in its quality, and unrivaled comfort. An American company with a mission to create the perfect, long-lasting pair, there is simply no finer footwear for the groom than Allen Edmonds, as he dances with his bride at their wedding.

Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Allen Edmonds Chief Marketing Officer, Colin Hall. Check out his insightful and informative thoughts below!

SW: There are many different natures of occasions for weddings, from casual to black tie. How versatile is the Allen Edmonds brand for catering to these different dressing needs for men?

Providing great footwear to carry a man through the week is in our history, the company’s DNA. We started in 1922, a time when most men’s shoe wardrobes consisted of one pair of black oxfords. Allen Edmonds’ offerings have grown with the tastes of the men we serve. We know men can still create professional and versatile wardrobes from a single pair