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Photo Courtesy of Mahekal Beach Resort

Whatever you do, just don’t call it Cancun. The relaxed seaside town of Playa del Carmen feels worlds away from its notorious Spring Break neighbor, despite being just an hour’s drive along the coast. While it may not be new to the Riviera Maya tourism scene, its charm presents itself as a crowned jewel in eastern Mexico.

Following a three-year and $16 million re-imagination of an authentic and eco-friendly luxury beachfront retreat, Mahekal Beach Resort is the finest inception to the region since the construction of the ancient Mayan ruins. Nestled among the dense Riviera Maya jungle, glistening white sands, and bohemian townie atmosphere, this is where modernity meets authenticity. Don’t come here expecting high-rise hotels; the largely unplugged resort embodies an intimate Swiss Robinson Family feel, evoking raw luxury with high-end finishes and touches of Mayan culture.

Photo Courtesy of Mahekal Beach Resort

It’s a tough life at Mahekal. Bungalow-style accommodations featuring private plunge pools and crochet hammocks steps from the Caribbean Sea sweep the scene with an overwhelming sense of calm and tranquility. Four sparkling swimming pools, a seaside hot tub, a Mayan-inspired Revive Spa, and five restaurants and bars offer a transformative breath of fresh air, assuming one could part from the enamored experience beneath the traditional palapa-style rooftop atop its luxury casa. In a word, the vibe is best described as magical, aptly translated by the local ancient Mayan language as, you guessed it, mahekal.

Photo Courtesy of Mahekal Beach Resort

Mahekal’s unsurpassed hospitality and exquisite habitat make it a natural choice for seaside wedding ceremonies and receptions. Fragrant floras emanating from the ground’s lush gardens against echoes of carefree ocean ambience are expertly paired with prolific amenities catered by a creative planning team. Locally inspired recipes take guests on a cultural journey through its intensely creative cuisine, exploding with sumptuous flavors and fresher-than-fresh ingredients. An all-encompassing experience that offers so much luxury and romance, wedding guests will feel as though they’re relishing a honeymoon of their very own.

Photo Courtesy of Mahekal Beach Resort

Placid luxury comes to Mahekal Beach Resort as organically as fish to the sea. A great escape from the bustle of its external world, purified harmony finds its home in the deeply rooted tradition of this balmy tropical destination.

"Magical" appears in the 2020 Edition of Sophisticated Weddings. For more information about destination weddings, honeymoons, or holidays in Playa del Carmen, visit Mahekal Beach Resort.


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