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Valentine's Day Is Coming... GET A ROOM!

Valentine's Day is less than a month away. With such a challenging 11 months behind us, this year more than ever might be the Valentine's when you really show up! Consider skipping the aisle in your local pharmacy loaded with heart shaped boxes filled with candy shell covered chocolates and favor your love with an experience that is really special and memorable!

GET A ROOM! Book a gorgeous, classic room at the legendary Pierre Hotel in the most romantic city in the world- New York (oh, shush about Paris!). With the pandemic almost in our rear view mirrors, a change of scenery would do you some good- even for only a night.

Just walking through The Pierre Hotel's doors and onto the tiled floors of the hotel's elegant lobby will begin the enchanting chills of amore up and down your spine. And once upstairs in your room- a room with the charm and passion of a whisper- your enchanting Valentine's affair will commence.

One more tip: plan ahead just a bit. As dazzling as The Pierre is, a few personal touches will go a long way. Have a scaled down version [of what will be or was] your wedding cake to share after dinner... in bed (pictured). Gift each other with special pajamas or nightwear. Just when you think your planning is done, stop and ask yourself: what else can I do? Then enjoy your most memorable dalliance.

Click here for more information on "special offers" [and bookings] at The Pierre.

photo credits:

from the 2019 "Sophisticated Weddings" FEATURE:

Photography: Susan Stripling

Custom Tuxedo: Raftis Bespoke

Lingerie: Sugar Cookies

Makeup & Hair: BridalGal


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