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Every Party Needs A Signature Drink... This One Has Cotton Candy!

     Picture it: your guests are arriving to your wedding. Or engagement party, or post-wedding brunch, or shower- whatever. They are dressed in their best, wearing big smiles as accessories. They're happy to be there. They're ready to celebrate! Now picture them being greeted by servers holding trays with signature drinks created just for your bash.

photo: Mariah Bucù Photography

     On February 26, 2020, hundreds of guests gathered at New York City's Gotham Hall for the 2020 "Sophisticated Weddings" Release Party. (stay tuned for photo and video coverage of the event) As partiers arrived and checked in they were met with the evening's signature drink. For this auspicious occasion the venue invented L'AVIATION (pictured above and below).

     One of the sponsors for the Release Party was Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin. This became the foundation of L'AVIATION. Here are the ingredients and preparation:

INGREDIENTS: 1.5 oz Aviation Gin .5 oz Liqueur de Violette .5 oz Cherry liqueur .5 oz of Fresh Lemon Juice Topped with Prosecco

GARNISH Cotton Candy GLASS Flute PREPARATION: 1. Add Aviation Gin, Liqueur de Violette, Cherry Liqueur, and lemon juice into a shaker filled with ice. 2. Shake Vigorously and Strain into a flute. 3. Top with Prosecco and Add Garnish

photo courtesy of Aviation Gin

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