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In Designing The Look & Feel Of The 2019 Sophisticated Weddings Release Party At Capitale, HiTECH Events' Brion Shemeley Leaned On His Company's Customization Capabilities

Photos by: ArtVesta Studio

Capitale's main room is bold and majestic- one of the most impressive venues anywhere. In designing the look and feel of the event, HiTECH Event's owner Brion Shemeley went for a high energy club/lounge feel. While not every wedding is going to necessarily match this sort of ambiance, HiTECH's custom-built pieces give a terrific idea of what is possible.

To start with, HiTECH filled the 65' floor-to-ceiling space with an incredible 600 lb. custom chandelier.

Under the chandelier was one of HiTECH's signature custom dance floors.

And on the far side of the dance floor from the room's entrance, was a 35' wide custom bar.

Just behind the bar was the stage for the two bands that played that night- 45 Riots...

...and Chevy Chevis Entertainment. In between the bands' sets, Nicholson Events' DJ (and electric saxophonist) played from a custom DJ booth, perched 30' above the dance floor.

To round out the look, Shemeley worked with Capitale's lighting team for the right colors and textures. And throughout the venue, he placed gorgeous lounge furniture from High Style Rentals.

Please click HERE for full photo and video coverage of

The 2019 Sophisticated Weddings Release Party At Capitale.


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