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Leonardo da Vinci... Wedding Planner?

Born Lionardo di ser Piero da Vinci in the hill town of Vinci in 1452, he shortened his name to the easier-to-remember Leonardo da Vinci (meaning: Leonardo from Vinci). In his lifetime, da Vinci was envisioning the future, designing machines that would change the world centuries ahead of their time, reaching such creative heights like inventing the first submarine and the first water skis.

Understandably da Vinci's more well known accomplishments- like painting the Mona Lisa (seen below), and inventing the deep-sea diving suit- overshadowed his time as a wedding planner. But wedding plan he did- from approximately between 1489 to 1493! And like everything else da Vinci put his mind to, it was with gusto and moxie.

Being a wedding planner is not a total surprise considering Leonardo’s background in the food industry. His step-father, a pastry chef, got him hooked on sugar, introducing him to marzipan. His nickname at age 17 was, “Fat Boy.” At age 20, he was an apprentice in a restaurant called Le Tre Lumache (The Three Snails) where he gained a great deal of knowledge about snails, which were served everyday with butter and parsley. A year later, in the spring of 1473, a poisoning sickened and killed the majority of the cooking staff of the tavern and da Vinci was put in charge of the kitchen. He changed the menu completely.