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Having A Flower Girl In Your Wedding? Here's A Tip...

Thank heaven for little girls. They're charming. They're adorable. And they are precious in a flower girl dress, paving the aisle with petals for the bride. What happens after that? Most weddings happen in the evenings with the celebration going well past a kid's bed time. We all know children can get into trouble when they get bored. There are lots of ways to keep a child from getting into trouble at a wedding. Here's one..

Cake! Cake! Cake! OK- that's one tip three times. The bride isn't the only one who wants to feel special on her wedding day. The bride's niece (sort of) thinks this is her moment, too. After all, she just walked past all the guests wearing a pretty [flower girl] dress, with a tiara atop her head, being photographed like a movie star as everyone awed! Better to not disappoint her. Ask your cake artist to create a small cake just for your flower girl.

Giving the flower girl her own cake will make her feel even more like a princess! You might even consider letting her know in advance that her own special cake will be coming, since dessert will be served fairly late for her.

Just one more tip within the tip... when you (or your planner) give your wedding photographer your list of shots that are important to you, make sure you tell him that your adorable little flower girl will be having her own cake... and eating it, too.

Flower Girl Dress: Kleinfeld Bridal Party

Custom Cake: Madison Lee's Cakes

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