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Designed in Como, Italy and hand-sewn in

New York, David Fin Ties custom crafts

an experience like no other.

Quality craftsmanship and bespoke style is what David Fin Ties are all about. Utilizing the finest silks in the world, they capture the urbane male in all his essence. Where the tie is the focal point of the suit, it is only natural to go custom. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to create a bespoke suit and pair it with an off-the-rack tie.

Incorporate elements of the wedding from the flowers to the bridesmaid dresses to tie the bridal party together. Grooms and Groomsmen may select their fabrics, design, and personal touches, and David Fin Ties David Fin will weave the fabric and hand make each tie specially for the man who wears it. Perfect for large parties, there is a guarantee that the entire party is uniform with one another, just as you see fit (so, no calling every department store, scrambling to find eight identical ties!). Creating a custom tie ensures that you never have to coordinate around the tie; the tie is created around your vision, and often at lower price point than off-the-rack selections to boot. Personal monogramming paves the way for a creative and cherished groomsmen gift that will be donned long after the wedding day.