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Bridal Beauty Regime: Getting Your Best Glow With L. Raphael

In preparation for the big day, getting your bridal beauty regime in order is at the top of the list. When your wedding will be captured in photographs and cherished in time for generations to come, it's only natural to desire that blissful glow that only the best products can realistically achieve. Beyond Spa, a powerful product spa line by L. Raphael (widely known for its luxurious beauty spa located at the Four Seasons Hotel New York), is a product line comprised of nourishing body oils, body cream, masks, and scrubs.

All products are uniquely formulated with nourishing ingredients from the mineral rich and miraculously healing waters of the Dead Sea. Infused with aroma-therapeutic essences to stimulate the senses, the Beyond Spa product range is segmented by benefit: energizing, soothing, detoxifying, nourishing, revitalizing, and balancing. Each Beyond Spa product was developed to work double duty to revitalize body and mind - leaving you looking and feeling as if you’ve just returned from the spa. The range includes six body oils, one body cream, three face and body scrubs and three mud masks from the Dead Sea.

L. Raphael Beyond Spa oils can be used on either dry skin as a moisturizing aid, or on slightly damp skin post-shower to enhance relaxation and deeply penetrate skin, maximizing moisturizing and balancing benefits.

Most clientele ask which oil/scrub combination is best for them and I always make the same recommendation – smell each of them first," advises Ronit Raphael, Founder and CEO of L. Raphael. "Your body will tell you what it needs today. If you need a pick me up, the Energizing Lemon Oil will feel right to you. If you are looking for a little more balance in life or perhaps to relax, the Geranium and Lavender Oils are best and the same goes with our delicious scrubs. As