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  • Written By Stacy Moutafis of SM Fitness

Back To Basics: Your Guide To Your Best Back For That Backless Dress

Bride + Groom: Justine + Paul | Photographer: Basia Ambroziak

Written By Stacy Moutafis of SM Fitness

Is a flabby back, or an undefined backside keeping you from wearing that backless dress? Shopping for a dress now myself, I have noticed there are so many dresses that show off your back, or have very little back coverage at all. With so many gorgeous gowns to choose from, not being comfortable with your back should not deter you. The average bride with a full-time career doesn’t have time to spend at the gym working out, getting in hours of cardio. With that in mind, I’ve put together a plan for action to get a sexy, sculpted back in just three exercise routines.

Many of us think we need fancy or complicated exercises to get fit or build the backside. Not so- these basic back exercises are geared to strengthen, sculpt, and best of all, they’re not difficult to perform. You don’t have to go crazy—just be consistent and dedicated to what you know works, and the rest will fall into place. Here are some of my best basic tips geared toward making you look like a goddess in that backless dress:

Start with a wide lat pull down. This is always best to begin with because it will warm up the entire back region, and you can use a variety of grips. This is best done on a cable machine, sitting tall, chin up, pulling the bar down to the chest, as you lift your chest to meet the bar. Controlling the bar on the way up, do 3 sets of 10-12 reps for defining your lats (or “wings”).

An oldie but a goodie is the one arm dumbbell row. This exercise focuses on the traps, rhomboid muscles, biceps, and rear shoulders. It will get your upper body in tiptop shape for a strapless or backless dress. Standing with your torso parallel to the floor, pull your arm up with a bent elbow using a moderately weighted dumbbell. The top of your arm should be at a 90° angle while bent over. Do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps.

Find your inner Super(wo)man. One of the best and safest exercises to strengthen upper and lower back and glutes, if you’re going for a strapless, backless, or even tightly fitted dress, this is one routine not to be avoided. Lying face down on the floor with arms extended over your head (à la Superman flying), separate your legs and arms slightly, and lift them about 3-4 inches off the ground, holding at the top for a brief pause, and then contract the upper back, glutes, and lower back muscles before slowly returning them to the ground.

Bride + Groom: Justine + Paul | Photographer: Basia Ambroziak

With these three simple exercise routines, you can say goodbye to back flab and get your best back in the dress of your dreams. Need a little support or a customized fitness plan? SM Fitness is here to help you stay motivated and attain your fitness and nutritional goals.

Stacy Moutafis is a fitness and nutrition expert, training coach, speaker, and author. She is certified by the International Sports Science Association as a fitness therapist, personal trainer, sports nutrition consultant, and New York State Strength & Conditioning Coach. Visit to learn about how SM Fitness is an asset to achieving your fitness goals.

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