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Every once in a while, a product or invention comes along that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. When Keurig® introduced their single cup coffee makers for the home and office, lives were changed for the better. In under 60 seconds, one could brew a cup of gourmet coffee, tea, or hot cocoa with priceless ease. Over the years, beverage options for the Keurig exponentially expanded, satisfying Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks lovers in a K-Cup, and even catering to cold beverage consumers with varieties including Snapple iced teas and refreshing lemonade. In essence, Keurig was a game-changer for not just coffee lovers, but for anyone that enjoys a freshly-brewed, hot or cold beverage, at home or at the office.

The Keurig coffee maker has long been a registry favorite, but many of us can’t wait for our wedding day to get one. Registered couples may have long enjoyed their coffee brewing system, thereby making it a redundant item for the registry checklist. Don’t walk away from Keurig just yet– the beloved brand has taken coffee to a whole new level with the launch of the Keurig® Rivo® Cappuccino & Latte Brewing System with Lavazza Espresso, and you’re going to want to get in on this one. The Rivo system enables users to br