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The wedding cake has always been an important element of a wedding celebration. Even more so in recent years, with all the reality TV series centered around cakes and bakers. What about the groom’s cake? If the wedding cake is going to be traditional and artistic- with a floral design and tiers- consider having some fun with the groom’s cake.

Custom cake designers and bakers in the New York area have risen to a tremendously sophisticated and artistic level. Check out some of the favorites of Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition here. Challenge yours! Have a look at this one, created by Lindsey Gamble of Elegantly Iced Custom Cake Designs.

Lindsey is a true artist- and an immensely talented one at that. Her bakery in Brooklyn features (real life and photographic) examples of traditional wedding cakes as well as fun creations that range from adorable to unbelievable. The groom for this wedding loved Superman. He gave Lindsey a few photos and preferences for two or three of the many incarnations of the Superman character over the years, including a reference to Christopher Reeve being the “most perfect superhero film casting of all time.”

The inside of this cake was every bit as jaw-dropping as the exterior. Lindsey referred to the cake (flavor) as a “Nutter Butter.” It was a yellow butter-cake with fresh strawberry preserves and a peanut-butter buttercream!

Here’s another suggestion: let your baker surprise you. Chances are you researched several cake designers, maybe met with a few. If you’re working with a planner, he/she probably gave a recommendation or three. Trust your cake designer. Give him/her a theme or a direction, and that’s it. If you like surprises, you may show up on your wedding day to a wonderful treat (pardon the pun).

For more information on Elegantly Iced Custom Cake Designs, call 718-938-9062, or email Lindsey Gamble at, or go to the Elegantly Iced website.

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