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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Some of the top professionals from the New York area's weddings industry got together at Alton Lane's Tribeca studio on the first night of New York Bridal Fashion Week for a little cocktail party.

While the pandemic is completely in our rear view mirrors, it is still recent enough that we are embracing get-togethers and other aspects of life that were absent for far too long. It has added an extra celebratory element to every fête.

At last night's event, the celebration included fantastic pizza [outside], courtesy of Food Truck Catering Company, and delicious cake [inside] by City Sweets & Confections. Washing it all down and fueling the light mood were Loverboy's cocktails by the newlywed stars of Bravo's hit reality series, "Summer House", Kyle Cooke + Amanda Batula. Kyle was in attendance with cast mate Chris Leoni.

*feel free to click here to see the online version of Kyle + Amanda's feature from our 2021 Edition.

Alton Lane and Designer Loft provided the fashion element- their models hovering about the crowd in attire meant to convey both wedding formality and a good time. The event's ambiance was completed with perfectly matched pieces from AFR Furniture Rentals and dramatic lighting by Nicholson Events.

Enjoy the video montage above of photos from the event captured by Charming Images.


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