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Among the most fun activities in planning for one’s wedding day is selecting items to register for. This can be a daunting task however, with so much selection and uncertainty about what fits best into your lifestyle as a newly wedded couple. At Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition, we aim to take the guesswork out of the equation, and provide you with what we feel is the best of the best.

We had the opportunity to test out the new Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead vacuum, and it exceeded all of our expectations, and met our every desire and need. First and foremost, forgetting for a moment that we are talking about a Dyson vacuum- known for its uber-quality and power- this is a CORDLESS vacuum. Need we say more? No more tangled cords, switching outlets when you go into the next room, or kneeling over to neatly wrap up the system for storage. Although cordless vacuums are not new to the market, they’ve been known for their lack of power, and in the past, have been a bit of a glorified broom. They often leave a lot to be desired. Not so with the DC59. This vacuum possesses the suction strength of a bulky, full-size corded vacuum, leaving behind all the inconveniences that come with one. Offering 24 minutes of fade-free cleaning time (and with so much ease, you don’t even need that much time to do a comprehensive home cleaning), you don’t have to worry about losing a charge.

Complete with bristles to dig deep into carpet, and roller attachments for hard flooring, this slim and stylish vacuum has functions for every lifestyle. The dirt and dust canister may be emptied with a simple push of a button, and attachments are handily stored with the inclusive wall attachment, and allow you to reach every unwelcome particle in your home, including pet hair. For particularly stubborn areas, the maximum boost feature offers even more power, leaving yourself with a spotless home, and minimal effort. Dust and dander just doesn’t stand a chance against the Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead. Weighing just under a mere five pounds, it is an absolute must for every home, and given its size and simplicity, we can’t think of a better option for New Yorkers, whose space is precious and limited. Why waste real estate on a bulky vacuum, when you can get that power and more from this unobtrusive treasure?

The Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead is available for purchase at and select retailers for $549.99

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