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BIKE FOR AFRICA north america edition

Sophisticated Weddings New York Brussels Airlines Bike For Africa

Every two years, the Brussels Airlines b. foundation organizes a charity biking tour in Africa to support philanthropic organizations benefiting Africa. In October 2017, North America will host the tour for the first time to benefit the Georgie Badiel Foundation and Malaika. The tour will kick off in Niagara Falls and span over the course of six days, crossing the finish line in New York City. 

The initiative demonstrates the incredible impact just one person can have in changing the world for the better. Bike For Africa's two Ambassadors, Georgie Badiel and Noella Coursaris, inspire the world with their voice and unwavering support to the cause. Having come a long way from their roots in Africa, these empowering women have strut their catwalks as models down international runways, and now devote themselves to a brighter future.

In less than one year, the Georgie Badiel Foundation has restored 13 wells, built two new wells and 10 sanitation systems, providing access to clean drinking water to over 75,000 people. In the country of Burkina Faso, 80% of the population do not have access to clean water. "My dream is to bring clean drinking water to my country, Burkina Faso," Georgie notes. The foundation's mission is to build wells and sanitation in African villages. 

As the founder of Malaika, Noelle Coursaris has brought a great deal of hope to young children and their families in the Democratic Republic of the Congo over the last ten years. Committed to fostering young people in education, sports, nutrition, and health programs as social development tools, over 200 girls have benefitted from the center's causes. Plans to expand development and build a working organic farm to provide instruction is sustainable farming and enterprise developments will open further opportunities for youth. Through its educational and supportive initiatives, Malaika empowers its community by showing them how their potential can be realized.   

Sophisticated Weddings New York Brussels Airlines Bike For Africa
Sophisticated Weddings New York Brussels Airlines Bike For Africa
Sophisticated Weddings New York Brussels Airlines Bike For Africa

Every $800 donation covers the annual cost of one student at Malaika or two wells through the Georgie Badiel Foundation. No amount of support is too small; even a donation of just $10 will plant six nutritious trees close to a well.

To make a donation in support of Bike For Africa, click here. You can learn more about these incredible causes at and


Check out the video below to learn more about the Bike For Africa event this coming October, and how the Brussels Airlines b. foundation in partnership with Lufthansa Group's Help Alliance, in support of the Georgie Badiel Foundation and Malaika, is actively working toward a better, stronger, more united Africa.

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