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Location, Location, Location!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Most wedding planners will tell you that

Engagement photos can be just as important to a couple as their wedding photos. Most of our brides come to us for suggestions on where to capture their engagement photos and which locations work best. Our advice is to choose a location that resonates with the two of you as individuals. A location where you first met, had your first date, where he proposed, or even a location that showcases your hobbies as a couple. The location becomes the third character in the play that is your engagement shoot.

There is no better backdrop for an engagement shoot than New York City. From cobblestone locales in Brooklyn with the Manhattan skyline in the background, to the center of Central Park - there is no shortage of terrific spots.

Don't be afraid to look for something different. Who says shopping together in the produce section of Whole Foods can’t be totally romantic? If you love it while you’re alone together, chances are you’ll love it in photos too.

Tips and No-Nos: from wedding photographers and wedding planners

• Less is more. Keep it simple, and don’t over do it with props. It’s fun to incorporate a silly gadget or pose that you discover along the way, but forcing an apparatus at the shoot could cross the fine line of cute into inauthentic.

• One of the most essential ingredients for an outdoor portrait shoot is the quality of light. Rain or shine, the most dramatic, flattering light occurs in the final two hours of the daylight.

• Explore versatility in the shots you take, and you’ll get the most out of your shoot. No one is watching… other than your photographer (and possible nine million New Yorkers passing by). There are no mistakes. Try anything – be as silly as you wish. Don’t take yourselves so seriously, and play out the goofy aspects of your relationship. Do something fun, wild, or even crazy, and you’ll capture a priceless reaction from one another. Any photo you don’t like, never has to be seen.

• It’s okay to be nervous. You don’t have to be a model or a camera ham to get a great picture. Don’t do anything you’ll regret later like have too much to drink before the shoot in an effort to loosen up.

• Look at this as a fun activity, not a chore, or torturous means to getting a good photo for your Save-The-Date or Instagram profile. If you forget about the camera, and remember why you’re there, you’ll have a great time. Besides, with hundreds of shutter clicks during this session, the laws of probability will determine that you’ll definitely get several photos to love.


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