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EXCLUSIVE: Sophisticated Weddings #NYFBW Interview With Galia Lahav Head Designer Sharon Sever

In an exclusive interview, Sophisticated Weddings catches up with

Sharon Sever, Head Designer of luxury fashion house Galia Lahav.

The Tel Aviv-based designer spills the deets on the debut of a new shoe

line, the innovations beneath its stunning gowns, and the unforgettable experience they’re extending to brides that brings everyone together. Unwavering in celebration for female expression and empowerment,

the Galia Lahav brand reminds us during this Fall/Winter 2021 segment

of New York Bridal Fashion Week that fashion itself... is here to stay.

Following three decades of crafting luxury apparel, Galia Lahav is recognized as one of the top bridal gown designers in the world. With a Couture line, the GALA made-to-order range, and the Pret-A-Porter collection shining in its portfolio, the celebrated design house has made its next bold move to complete the look and experience, not just for the walk down the aisle, but for all occasions surrounding it. Exciting developments are gracing the horizon for the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, beginning with the debut of the Galia Lahav Bridal Shoe Collection. Catering to the fashion-forward bride for whom every exquisite detail on her wedding day has been considered, the introduction of this initial 6-piece variety is bringing the customized look full circle.

SW: Let's talk the latest to come out of the Galia Lahav fashion house. I'm going to put this out here right now: the bootie is my favorite, but with all of them being so exquisite and versatile- an accessory that begs to be worn for all occasions- there's also a certain element of ease in knowing a perfect match to one's Galia gown is within reach. Can we expect this collection to expand and evolve as a complement to future seasons of gown designs?

Sharon: Naturally there will be timeless classical styles, just as we have in our couture line. It will be updated each season according to the dresses, colors, fabrics, and materials we’ll use.