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BRIDAL BOOTCAMP At The Legendary Pierre Hotel

[Wedding] planners, brides, and bloggers... oh, my! This past Wednesday night, the legendary Pierre Hotel hosted a group of wedding planners, brides- most of whom will wed at The Pierre in the coming months, and bloggers, influencers, and writers for a Bridal Bootcamp. Equinox was the fitness sponsor. "Sophisticated Weddings" produced the event.

Guests were greeted with The Pierre's healthy juices and facials, courtesy of the EQX Body Lab (Equinox Spa). The attendees- who were mostly women- could also jump in the Shake+Share photo booth and try on some serious bling in the William Barthman Jewelers Diamond Ring Selfie Station, while Nicholson Events' DJ played tunes.

After about 30 minutes the Equinox instructors hit the gorgeous, white Dance Floor Kings dance floor and called the guests forward. Thus began a killer 45 minute buns-burning-jabbing workout, as the lights beamed on the crowd like a scene from "Saturday Night Fever." Said one guest afterward: "it was more like a party than a class!"

When the class was done, the guests deserved some treats! The Pierre served delicious Tuna Tartare Cones, Butternut Squash Bisque, Crudités, and Zero Sugar Sparkling Wine by Christie Brinkley's Bellissima Prosecco, while enjoying more pampering from EQX, photo booth fun, and diamonds.

Ten minutes before the event's conclusion, "Sophisticated Weddings" Publisher Steve Sendor got on the microphone and reached into a fishbowl filled with little pieces of paper, held by Editor-in-Chief Samantha Sendor. The papers were simple entries for the evening's giveaway- three nights in Aruba at The Hilton Aruba, courtesy of Aruba Tourism. A gleeful, screaming, jumping bride hearing her name called was the perfect capper to the event.

As guests left the Bridal Bootcamp they were given gift bags with a fresh homemade pumpkin bundt cake from The Pierre, and gift cards and discount cards to places like Kleinfeld (of TV's "Say YES To The Dress"), Bridal Reflections, L'Fay, Designer Loft, and others.

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