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How About A Cup Of Coffee?

Don't Just Serve Any Coffee -

Dazzle Your Guests With An

Amazing Cup Of Gourmet Coffee!

You're going to serve your guests coffee at the end of your event... maybe even throughout the whole party! Your wedding, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch... there will be coffee! There's a way to do it better.

Pictured: The Cupa Cabana coffee bar at the #2019SophisticatedWeddings Release Party at Capitale

Cupa Cabana is a gourmet coffee caterer. They will come to your event with a coffee bar, staff, and the machines to serve fantastic coffees (spiked or straight).

Pictured: The Cupa Cabana coffee bar at the #NYBFWpreview Event at The Ravel

...your guests will LOVE it!

Pictured: The Cupa Cabana coffee bar at the In & Out Of The Pool Party at The Dream Hotel, Downtown

Because we're big fans of customization, we recommend having your own coffee cups made! (pictured, below

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