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Hang In There!

Add Some Elegant Fun To Your Event

And Drop A Few Jaws With Aerialists!

photos by: ArtVesta Studio

In planning the 2019 Sophisticated Weddings Release Party at Capitale, the party designers and organizers couldn't wait to fill the 65' between the HiTECH Events custom dance floor and the venue's dramatic ceiling with some high-flyin', interactive entertainment. Aerialists! For these very special performers, the party planners called Aerial Artistry.

Aerial Artistry has an incredible roster of various kinds of specialty and themed performers for events. From aerialists that hang from hoops above the crowd serving Champagne, to contortionists, to jugglers, most of their acts have an interactive and up-close aspect.

At the Capitale event, as the main room was revealed to the 800+ guests, as the energetic sounds of 45 Riots played from the stage, one of the things in which everyone marveled was the opportunity to reach up and be served a glass of Bellissima Prosecco by Christie Brinkley from a striking woman midway between the ground and the ceiling.

iPhones went up in the air to document the sight... and show social media followers what they were missing on either side of the dance floor!

Please click HERE for full photo and video coverage of

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