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Bat Mitzvah To Bride: A Wedding Planner's Déjà Vu

It was déjà vu when Bianca Blag of Bianca B. Inc. first met with Bari and Jason to begin planning their New York wedding. Not just because Bianca had consulted with so many couples before them, but that she had in fact planned the bride's Bat Mitzvah years prior. "It was so special for me [to plan Bari's wedding] for many reasons, but the most important one was that I also planned Bari's Bat Mitzvah. I saw the beautiful little girl all grown up and walking down the aisle," the planner explains.

Bari was Bianca’s first bride whose Bat Mitzvah she also planned. There is a special connection between the top planner and the bride’s family- Bianca also planned Bari’s siblings’ Mitzvahs and other occasions as well. “It made me feel emotional that I was able to keep this relationship for so many years and share in this family’s most special moments," Bianca says.