• Todd Shapera

A Blue Hill Proposal

Story and Images by Todd Shapera Photography

When Evan led Amanda down a farm path at Blue Hill Restaurant near Tarrytown, New York, she was entirely unaware that this would be a momentous occasion. She was also unaware that two photographers were documenting the couple's every move along the path.

This wedding season, covertly photographing wedding proposals has become more in vogue. For photographers, it's becoming a specialty that is not only exciting, but also a bit nerve-racking.

Evan sought a classy experience. He selected one of the most beautiful locations in the Hudson Valley, which also happens to be the site for one of the world's top 50 restaurants, not to mention a highly sought after wedding venue.

Photo by Emma Shapera

To pull it off, our advance planning became more involved than many weddings we shoot. A few weeks prior to the proposal, the bride's mother had called me to float the idea. It seemed endearing that Evan confided in his future mother-in-law to be part of the