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Edible Fashion: Gown Inspired Cakes By Ron Ben-Israel

Sweet goodness? Check.

Kosher? Check.

Gown inspired wedding cake? Check.

Ron Ben-Israel is known for being the Manolo Blahnik of wedding cakes, and for good reason. Not only are his tasty creations a work of art, they are custom designed to complement his clients' weddings. The star of TV's Cake Wars often incorporates a fashionable touch to his tiered pastry delights using the bride's wedding gown for inspiration. Whatever the detail, Mr. Ben-Israel has a way of tailoring cakes to seem like they should be walking down the fashion runways themselves.

Wedding dresses aren't the only thing Ron Ben-Israel Cakes tailor to. Sugar flowers to match the bride's bouquet, or any element of the wedding, may be prepared with precision. Guests that enjoy his culinary delights are often in awe that such a work of art could be edible.

One never forgets the first time they encounter Ron Ben-Israel. His magnetic personality is one that is hard to forget. Always one to bear a smile (and often a hug), Ron has a way of making brides and grooms feel like they've known him forever. His understanding of the process and creative vision for each individual client is one of the many reasons he stands out as a beloved member of the wedding community. If there were a yearbook for wedding vendors, Ron Ben-Israel would win "Artist You'll Most Likely Take A Selfie With" among other categories.

To explore more creations by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes (and the man behind the tiers), check out their website and the Sophisticated Weddings feature, Spotlight On: Ron Ben-Israel.

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