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Cyber Monday Products We Love: Tile Slim And Tile Mate

In the spirit of great deals to be found during Cyber Monday, we're excited to feature one of our favorite registry essentials- Tile Slim. The world's thinnest bluetooth tracker- as thing as two credit cards- the Tile Slim is easy to stick, slide, or tuck inside tight spots for the things we'd hate to lose. Planning a wedding leaves a lot on a bride's mind, and misplacing our valuables is unfortunately a common symptom. Utilizing the Tile Slim and the Tile app, may you never misplace your wallet, laptop, passport, camera bag, or whatever you choose, ever again.

The Tile Combo Pack includes 2 Tile Slim and 2 Tile Mate bluetooth trackers, perfect for the couple on-the-go, all at the incredible value of $90 (not that you can put a price on peace of mind!). The Tile Mate is the perfect complement for anyone who finds themselves losing their keys often, so it's a no-brainer!

Check out the Tile Combo Pack this Cyber Monday, or better yet, add it to your Amazon wedding registry. You'll thank us later!

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