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  • Carolina Nicolao


After an amazing Bridal Week, we’ve been day-dreaming about wedding dresses and the big day that is yet to come for many of our readers. Feeling inspired, we decided to share a short Real Weddings story about one special Sophisticated Weddings bride.

Our bride Josephine met her fiancé Joseph in a situation that cannot be described as other then meant to be. While she had attended college with his cousin, he worked at an architectural firm with her brother, and even though they’d never met, Joseph’s cousin and Josephine’s brother both thought they would be perfect for each other. They swear once they finally did meet, it was love at first sight!

To what seems like the perfect New York fairy tale, Joseph proposed at the Bow Bridge in Central Park on a beautiful Sunday morning. With a lot of planning, the groom had a hired a photographer that was hidden to get the moment on camera, while their parents were all disguised in the park’s crowd. Her beautiful ring is a cushion cut halo setting engraved: “I Love You More J&J 04-27-14,” a sweet touch to such a special day.

Josephine is a full-time graduate student planning a 300+ person wedding, so like a true New Yorker, she got used to multi-tasking and running around to get everything done in time for her big day. Since we know many of our readers are in the same position, we asked Josephine to give 5 tips to new brides on how to make the most of your planning:

1. Don’t stress and enjoy a cup of coffee at Starbucks while you plan your special day!

2. Remind yourself what’s truly important.

3. Prioritize, Budget & Do your research!

4. Have faith that all your efforts will be worth it.

5. Celebrate your LOVE!

Josephine is looking forward to marrying her best friend on July 9, 2016 at Blessed Sacrament Church in NYC, and celebrating with her friends and family at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for the reception, overlooking the beautiful Central Park, where they got engaged.

Engagement Shoot with Brett Matthews Photography – Photographer: Christopher Lippolt

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