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New York has had many food wars. There has been the on-going, decades-old pizza war. The war over the best hamburger has had all different kinds of battles, including restaurants serving burgers made from Kobe and Wagyu beef(s), topped with Caviar, foie gras, and other accents, and costing several hundred dollars.

In the mid 90’s Krispy Kremes hit New York, making Dunkin’ Donuts-loving Manhattanites’ heads spin. To date, this food war may be the only one that ended with a clear winner; Krispy Kreme is all but gone in New York. In 2000, a simple scene featuring a conversation between Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon within an episode of HBO’s “Sex & The City” was shot on a bench outside of “Magnolia Bakery” on Bleecker Street and ignited New York’s cupcake war. (Incidentally, our favorite cupcake comes from Two Little Red Hens on the Upper East Side)

For the last couple of years, a new food war is being fought. This food war may be the most reserved andsophisticated. It is the war over the best macarons. For those of you not in the know, when we say “macarons” (correct spelling), we are not talking about the Kosher-for-Passover macaroons that come in a tin. We are speaking of delicate, delicious, decadent (French) macarons.

The Krispy Kreme-Dunkin’ Donuts fight aside, none of New York’s food wars ever have a clear victor. We’re not exactly authorized to declare a winner, however, we are going to cast our