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If you want to have emotional photos, you have to display your emotions. I am a cuddly and affectionate person by nature so when asked to canoodle with my love during our own engagement session, it is something that felt mostly natural to me. It may have felt a little awkward at first to be doing it in front of a camera but that feeling quickly subsided as we eased into the session.

Photo by: Samantha Lauren Photographie

I myself have a number of couples who start out a little shaky and then as they get used to what we are doing, become completely comfortable and revert to their normal affectionate selves. I love photographing these types of sessions personally because I feel like we are truly getting to the good stuff- the realness– the “thick of it.”

Photo by: Samantha Lauren Photographie

When I am behind the camera, I want to capture all of the beautiful and heartfelt and emotional aspects of your relationship, not just the same “stand here and smile” bit. When I got in front of the camera with my fiancé, I wanted nothing short of that and that’s exactly what I feel like we received.

Photo by: Samantha Lauren Photographie

…one final point: Trust your photographer to do their thing!

Photo by: Samantha Margalit for Flytographer

Post by Samantha Margalit of Samantha Lauren Photographie

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