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Engagement photos can be just as important to a couple as their wedding photos. Most of our brides come to us for suggestions on where to capture their engagement photos and which locations work best. Our advice is to choose a location that resonates with the two of you as individuals. A location where you first met, first date, where he proposed, or even a location that showcases your hobbies as a couple. It’s our job to capture these pure romantic moments, and the location the couple selects is an added bonus. We will shoot anywhere; we don’t mind going underwater if our couple loves the sea, or exploring an abandoned building for an urban industrial feel!

Our recent engagement shoot with Marisa & Chris involved walking from the Watermark Pier to The North Cove Marina. Marisa and Chris lived around the Watermark Pier for a few years and wanted to capture a few of their favorite spots. From jogging, to trying their own hand at photography, visiting the local watering holes, and their first date- they wanted to explore it all.

From the west side, looking out on to the Hudson, their office building highlights the Jersey City skyline where they met while working for the same company. Their love for the history and architecture of the boardwalk is picturesque in a variety of ways. By simply walking a few minutes in either direction, the mood is drastically changed from the seaport, to Wall street, to a lush park, and ending with the breathtaking Jersey City skyline at sunset.

The session itself involved a fair amount of exploring from the East side to the West side. During our walk from each location Marisa and Chris filled us in about their enjoyment for photography, each other’s work lives, and personal interests. It was a wonderful experience to join them as they paid homage to the scenes that unfolded their love story.


EXO Photography’s creative documentary wedding photography style came about from the notion that every wedding offers pure natural emotions that tell a story. The groom seeing his bride for the first time, the nerves during the ceremony as they say I Do, tears of joy in a father’s eyes as he dances with his daughter, and the look of a proud mom as she dances with her son are just a few of our favorite moments to capture. To see more images byEXO Photography, or find out how to get in touch with Nicole & Josh, go to:

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