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There are many rituals that are common amongst nationalities, religions and cultures that are honored at a wedding ceremony. The ceremony creates meaning, fusing both the bride and groom’s family histories and cultures into one. The wedding is the perfect opportunity to highlight these traditional elements that make up each family’s identity.

An Indian wedding ceremony is traditionally a colorful one. Red is a popular color choice as it is culturally known to stand for good fortune and prosperity while gold represents status and wealth. In the Hindu tradition, a Mehndi artist applies henna to the hands and feet of the bride and other female family members the night before the wedding.

Another intricate part of the Indian wedding is the Baraat- the groom’s procession. The groom-to-be travels by elephant or horse to the wedding venue entrance. The groom’s family and friends sing and dance around him to traditional Indian bass music. The groom and his dancing wedding guests meet the bride’s family at the entrance to the venue prior to the ceremony. The ritual represents the groom’s family’s acceptance of the bride as part of their family.

When groom Ashwin took bride Jamie’s hand in marriage, the couple happily incorporated Indian rituals like the Baraat into their downtown New York wedding, flavoring their modern Tribeca Rooftop affair with special touches of tradition. The streets of New York aren’t too kind to elephants, so this happy couple went with a horse, reinventing that classic vision of the horse & buggy days of New York City with an Indian twist.

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Written By Stefanie Jackowitz, Guest Contributor For Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company. Photographs By Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company.

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