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For anyone who is planning a wedding, among the most important elements of the big day is the music. It is a key aspect that defines the energy of the crowd, gets the guests (even the wallflowers!) on the dance floor, and is often what makes photographs as memorable as they are. It is the life of the party; the heartbeat of the reception. Soulsystem Orchestras & Music Production takes all of this and more to a whole new level of entertainment, and introduces options you never imagined from your wedding musicians.

Personalization is a wedding trend that is here to stay. Whether it’s a small detail on a wedding shoe, or engraved custom jewelry, there are endless ways to make a unique and lasting memory on your wedding day.Soulsystem Orchestras goes above and beyond the traditional call of duty of a wedding band, and will work with couples to design an individual experience to enhance their event. Whether writing an original piece or adapting the lyrics to a favorite song to reflect the couple’s special bond, the possibilities are endless.