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The Fall 2015 collection by Pnina Tornai is a work of eye that demands to be seen. The gowns to strut theKleinfeld runway during Bridal Market were more than merely wedding dresses- they were works of art to be admired. Inspired by the intricate patterns of the butterfly, the bride who wears this collection is adorned with intricate detail that celebrates her form. She is not simple or easily understood, but she is free to express the essence of her being in a beautiful fashion. It is no wonder that Pnina Tornai‘s designs are the frequently the choice of so many brides on TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress.

Sultry and glamorous, Pnina Tornai unveiled a wondrous collection for the confident bride. Symmetrical like the butterfly form, the gowns are created with thought and purpose, never overlooking a detail. The views from both the front and back of the dresses should not be missed.

To view more looks from Pnina Tornai, be sure to visit, and don’t forget to stop bySophisticated Weddings: New York Edition for more looks from the runway and editorial spreads!

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