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At Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition, we get asked lots of questions, whether recommendations about a wedding venue or vendor, or simply advice regarding all things bridal. Recently, we have come by a request from several readers that posed a question we hadn’t even thought to ponder ourselves: What books are a must-read on the honeymoon? We heard what you were looking for- something fun, light, and an enjoyable read. Sure you could go for the latest epic drama to hit the New York Times Bestseller list, or a semi-celebrity autobiography that made the hot list on Amazon, but since we’ve been getting requests for something fresh- a real return to the good ol’ love story in the modern day, we got looking. So break out your Kindles, because we found “Chat Love” by Justine Faeth, your second best companion whether you’re relaxing on a remote beach, or honeymooning in an exotic retreat.

Chat Love is the story about Lucia, a twenty-seven year old television talent booker, that lives in New York City, and encounters a series of horrifying dates (that are sometimes slightly hilarious… only because they didn’t happen to us!), after trying to find love in real life and online. Facing pressure from her family to get married and start a family, and witnessing people around her finding love of their own, the protagonist finds slim pickins’ despite her best efforts, yet never fails to lose her inherent charm, even in her most pessimistic state of affairs. Ambitious as much as she is a hopeless romantic, Lucia never gives up on the notion that love is worth finding, even if it means encountering ‘undateables’ along the way.

This book possesses the perfect blend of wit, romance, and feel-good vibes, which is why we think it’s the perfect read for a honeymoon excursion. We know you’ll be busy enjoying the love of your life, but for those down times on the beach when you’re looking for something to relax with and indulge in, join Lucia in Chat Love as she goes through her own journey in looking for the one.

“Chat Love” is written by Justine Faeth (you can learn more about the author here), and is available for purchase at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and many other booksellers.

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