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This morning, Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition stopped by the home of “Say Yes To The Dress,”Kleinfeld, to take a peek at the exciting collection by Andrew Prince, whose trunk show will be taking place until Sunday evening. The jewelry and accessories designer who has notably been the man behind the pieces seen on “Downton Abbey,” gave us a mini-tutorial on how to achieve perfection with headpieces, tiaras, and more!

The accessories collection by Andrew Prince includes a wide breadth of options, including the ability to customize pieces, and even swap out colors and details tailored to the bride’s overall wedding day look. Each tiara has a velvet lining on the base, and can be tailored from ten different tones to match hair color, also adding comfort and preventing hair strands from getting snagged. From tiaras to earrings to hair pins, there is something for brides of all tastes and styles.

Andrew Prince himself is on-site at Kleinfeld through June 1st to showcase his collection and provide some very valuable insights for the big day. Here are a couple of quick tips we learned today:

  • For those wishing to minimize the appearance of wide hips, by placing a broach on either side on the hip, the accessory detail will provide a beautiful distraction from a vulnerable area.

  • The appearance of face shape and height can be affected by the placement of the tiara, veil, and the style earrings you choose.

  • When choosing a color stone to customize your tiara with, paler colors give more softness. Red can tend to look a bit like spots of blood, and blue can go very dark, giving the impression of ink blots.

Brides seeking the perfect accessory for their wedding day and some great tips on bridal fashion should be sure to get into this trunk show at Kleinfeld this weekend. Check out more designs by Andrew Prince by visiting hiswebsite, and also be sure to stop by as well!



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