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It’s your Wedding Day. You’re going to look your best- tux, suit- whatever you choose. And, of course, you’re going to shave. Don’t let your (possibly very expensive) wedding photos make you cringe when you see them because of a blemish on (ugh) your face!

You can be proactive. êShave offers a solution. Before you shave or go to bed the night before your wedding with a pimple, get the êShave Alum Block. Alum is a mineral salt made up of naturally extracted alum of potassium. It is often referred to as “the magic stone” because of its hemostatic properties. If that description makes you start to feel caught between the worlds of 11th Grade Chemistry Class and “The Lord Of The Rings,” just know this- the astringent properties of the Alum Block will save your face! (and your photos)

The êShave Alum Block has several different uses. If your wedding day nerves make your razor-wielding-hand tremble a bit as you shave, causing you to nick your face- no problem.

Applying a moistened Alum Block to cut instantly stops the bleeding.

The Alum Block acts as an astringent. Run the stone under cool water and rub it against your skin. It will close your pores and cleanse your skin.

Here’s the big one… if there’s a pimple on your face the night before your wedding the Alum Block can be used to decrease redness and inflammation overnight.

The êShave Alum Block is available at: for $19, and at êShave stores;



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