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A bride often wishes she could be a guest at her own wedding. She wants to experience every detail and aspect that she has worked so hard to plan, without all the whirlwind that comes with being the center of attention. Perhaps she just wants to have her cake and eat it too- in peace, and in the divine, ideal circumstances for which it was created (as opposed to freezer burned a year after its conception).

A cake tasting with Madison Lee at Cousin John’s Bakery is a wholly (and possibly holy) delicious experience to be savored in more ways than one. Nestled in a charming bakery in the prime Park Slope of Brooklyn, an invitation for engaged couples with a sweet tooth awaits. This is not your average tasting. One should be prepared to carve out two hours for this delicious encounter, because this is one of those times that being a micromanager over every detail is practically encouraged.

Prior to the cake consultation, you are provided with a checklist of items to come prepared with. This includes a photo of the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, accessories, invitation, and anything that you fancy in or on a cake, or something that represents you as a couple. When you meet with Madison Lee, she doesn’t bombard you with photographic examples of cakes she’s already made. Her mission is to design a cake that is completely unique and customized to the couple, starting from scratch. This process even includes the stacking and rearrangement of foam cake models, to get a sense of height, width, and symmetry. Meticulous as ever, Madison even prepares her couples for the height dimensions so that they are at their optimal comfort for the cake cutting ritual. Gathering all the details and concentrating on your wedding with her undivided attention, Madison, an artist beyond just cake design, sketches original cake ideas before you, and will do so until you’ve found the one you love. She has a keen eye for assessing her clients, and merging the details that represent the wedding and the couple, to be organically reflected into the cake’s design. It’s not even rare for her to begin rolling out fondant and frosting out details to convey her vision. It gives the couple not only a glimpse into what it takes to design such a magnificent cake, but also the ultimate input and control over what will be.

But back to sweetness. Prior to the tasting, Madison provides a list of thirteen different flavors, for which couples are invited to select their preferred six for the tasting. You may mix-and-match on the various layers of the cake, so there’s no need for a power struggle if you love red velvet, and your fiancé is a carrot cake addict. You may also find aspects you love from one cake to incorporate into another, inventing your very own original flavor. The presentation is a work of art, and the taste and texture is heavenly beyond words. It is quite simply, the perfect dessert.

The cake flavors offered include Mixed Berry, Red Velvet, Chocolate Ganache, Carrot, Opera, Ballet, Strawberries & Cream, Vegan Chocolate, Lemon Poppy Cake, Salted Caramel Crunch, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream, and Funfetti. Every bite tingles the senses, and continues to do so when you enjoy the leftovers at home. It is one of those rare occasions where the celebrated couple actually gets more from the wedding experience than a guest does. No pressure, no hassle, no spotlight- just the sampling and invention of your dream wedding cake.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to tag along for a cake tasting before, you know this is no ordinary experience. Every bride and groom should have the opportunity to explore everything that Madison Lee’s Cakes has to offer.

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