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There’s no doubt about it- the iPad is a handy accessory for all things in life, especially for wedding planning. Although there’s nothing like the real thing– I’m talking about the good old fashioned journal. As the Editor-in-Chief of Sophisticated Weddings: New York Edition, my life is all about weddings, but especially so as I plan my own wedding. I’m all about keeping organized spreadsheets and doing things digitally, but I must admit, I hold a large appreciation for the basics, whether the written note, or writing in a journal to keep my thoughts, ideas, and information organized.

Recently I’ve been using a Sheic Journal to stay on top of my wedding plans. From jotting down lists of what I still need, to sketching an idea I have, to keeping notes from a meeting with one of my vendors, I have it all in one stylish place within my Sheic Journal. The journal is crafted in leather, has a hidden magnetic closure, contains an inner zipper pocket with beautiful lining, and the book is guaranteed to stay open while writing. I went with “Aqua Spray,” but you might prefer another color to suit your personality; they also offer “Hibiscus Bloom” (pink), “Tropical Palm” (lime green), and “Purple Sunset” (lavender).

I’ve always loved journals, but have found myself in a bit of user-anxiety with them. I’m always afraid to taint the beauty of a journal with less-than-stellar handwriting at one point or another. I love that Sheic Journals come with refillable pages (lined or blank) to eliminate that concern, and create a multi-purpose asset that can serve many uses.

Whether for personal use in planning a wedding, or for those seeking a beautiful and useful gift for the bridal party, Sheic Journals is the way to go. I’m loving it, and I’m sure you will too.

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