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Just a few years ago- as the recession was becoming a very real thing- a jewelry client said to me: “during a recession the one thing that is well within our power to improve upon is our Customer Service.” It costs us nothing and always improves our business.”

Most New Yorkers are familiar with Manhattan’s Diamond District. It is the 47th Street block between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Take a walk down that block and you’ll see jeweler after jeweler- hundreds of them. Many of the buildings’ ground floors have anywhere from three to 30 jewelers- like an arcade or a Flea Market of Diamond dealers. Frankly, after walking just a third of the way up (or down) the block, they all start to look the same.

In recent years- likely as a result of the recession- 47th Street has gotten so competitive. Passersby get physicallyyanked off the sidewalk and into a shop with people yelling and spitting pieces of sandwiches into the air. Some dealers place these “yankers” in front of other dealers’ shops so the potential customers can be (again-physically) swayed into choosing a different dealer over the one they’re about to go see. It can be very off-putting.

Third generation Jewelers Dalia Diamonds stands far out from this commotion with impeccable customer service. Customer service, customer service, customer service! Dalia Diamonds gives a welcome alternative to shoppers looking for a Diamond District deal without having their limbs dislocated or being forced into a hard sell to end all hard sells.

Whether Engagement Ring or Wedding Band shopping, they’re more than worth a look.

Dalia Diamonds is located at 69 West 47th Street. To make an appointment (recommended), call Brian Eli at: 212-781-1777.



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