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…the most important rule is to dress for the occasion.

Proper Wedding attire has been, and continues to be, a sartorial conundrum for most men, so we called in the experts. The team at Michael Andrews Bespoke offers their knowledge, experience, and sterling taste to best dress grooms for the big day.

The decision of what to wear depends on the nature of the wedding. An elaborate evening affair at the Ritz likely calls for formalwear, while a sunset wedding on the beach might favor something more casual, like a linen suit. So whether you’re getting married at The Plaza or The Pierre, on a Dude Ranch in west Texas, or at a resort in St. Tropez, the most important rule is to dress for the occasion.

Formal Weddings

A “formal” wedding can be loosely defined as an affair that is held in the evening, indoors, at a grand venue such as a ballroom or a private estate. If the wedding is formal in nature, a classic tuxedo is the garment of choice. A classic tuxedo jacket should have either a peak lapel or a shawl collar, and either a one-button front closure or a double-breasted closure. While tuxedos designed like business suits with notch lapels and two button closures are quite common today, they lack refinement traditionally demanded of formal occasions. The front pockets on the jacketshould not have flaps, and the pocket opening should be piped in the same trim as the lapels. While tuxedo jackets are historically unvented, this is the one area where I advocate deviating from tradition. Side vents are more flattering on nearly every body type, as they lengthen the leg line and enhance the overall silhouette of the jacket.

While most ready-made tuxedos come in black wool, the Duke of Windsor popularized the midnight blue tuxedo in the 1930s. As the tuxedo trim is always black, a midnight blue fabric has the added benefit of enhancing the contrast between the body of the garment and the trimming, creating a more dramatic look. For grooms who want to stand out from their groomsmen, the choice of a midnight blue fabric is even more compelling, assuming the groomsmen are wearing black tuxedos.

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