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No matter the depth of your budget or your team, it’s always a nice idea to incorporate a little creativity of your own into your wedding decor. These lightbulb vases make a great additional detail to a loft space wedding, and are a clever eco-conscious way to floor your guests. You may have pinned it to your Pinterest board, now here’s how to make them your own.

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Lightbulbs (clear)

Needle-nose Pliers

Small Screwdriver

Twine or String

Work/Gardening Gloves

Eye Protection (Goggles, Glasses)

Flowers You Love


On the tip of the lightbulb, you’ll see a small silver or brass colored disk. Using your tweezers, gently pry off the small silver or brass-colored disk located on the tip of the lightbulb. When it begins to separate from the bulb, use the tweezers to pull it off entirely. This will expose a small hole in the black cap underneath.

This next part can be tricky, so please be careful and wear protective eye gear! That stuff beneath where the metal disk was, is glass. Carefully (!!) insert the tip of the precision screwdriver into the hole, twisting into it until the black glass snaps, and remove all of the glass. Do this over a trash bag for easy clean-up.


After you’ve removed all of the black glass, you’ll be left with the more familiar suspects- some small wires and glass tubes. Gently using your pliers, remove the guts from the bulb. Rinse the bulb out with water to be sure that it is completely empty.


Have fun! Choose your flowers and explore your inspiration. If you’re using twine rope to hang the vases, tie it around the silver cap securely. Pour water about 1/4 to 1/2 full for a tear drop effect, or use soil and pebbles for a more earthy look. The possibilities are endless! We love the simplicity and subtle beauty of baby’s breath. Depending upon the size of the lightbulb you use, go with a shorter flower so it looks proportionate and dainty.

And why let it be just a detail at your wedding? These lightbulb vases make a great decoration for the home too!


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