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We are in absolute awe of the ‘Custom-Maid‘ dresses over at Synderela! Every bridesmaid dress is created one-of-a-kind, to your specifications. Gone are the anxiety-provoking days of ordering bridesmaid dresses, nervously hoping they will arrive in time, and fit the way they should. Synderela presents a solution that eliminates all of that unnecessary drama, incorporating beauty and style that is uniquely yours on your wedding day.

At Synderela, it’s all about style, attention to detail, and a seamless custom experience. Upon entry to the ‘castle’ of the Garment District, you are greeted by the lovely Susan Di Meo, Yalenis Cepeda, and Nicole Petito. From start to finish, they work with the entire bridal party to deliver a row of stunning dresses that will leave each girl feeling beautiful. Do you have one bridesmaid that hates how she looks in a strapless dress, and another that wants to show off her toned shoulders? No problem. When you go Custom-Maid, your bridesmaids can select a form that suits their taste and bodies harmoniously, while reflecting the style and theme of your big day. Whether you’ve had the bridesmaid dresses sketched out in your mind for months, or could use a little creative direction, Synderela is on hand to lend their support and expertise. The array of styles, fabrics, and colors are endless- it is where your vision meets flawless execution.

Skip the unpredictable catalog ordering that can take months to come through, and will likely arrive ill-fitted. The Custom-Maid Synderela experience promises a beautiful, perfectly tailored dress, that will actually be ready when they say it will. There is just no other way to go about getting bridesmaid dresses. When all is said and done, it’s also the most economical option around, and the results are priceless.

(Above: The Synderela Team. From Left: Nicole Petito, Yalenis Cepeda, Susan Di Meo)

Visit to learn more about the Custom-Maid experience. We also suggest keeping up with Syn on Facebook to get all of their updates on what’s trending from their NYC showroom. They’re not just bridesmaid dresses- their contemporary fashion line is to die for, offering a boost of style for every imaginable occasion!

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